Students’ Stories

A gallery of some of our students and their stories.

Vanessa, data analyst, played the flute in childhood but has always been attracted by the beauty of the harp. She made the harp as her instrument of choice in online RPG games, until she decided to take it to real life. She now enjoys her hobby immensely!Carol, audiologist, found her ultimate instrument choice after playing several other instruments over the years.Kathryn, accountant, despite no background in music, fulfills her dream to play and enjoys the challenge.Keith, psychotherapist, enjoys his personal goal to play the harp (Includes winning a Grammy award with his harp playing one day, he said!)Nancy, professor, studied piano in her early years and has decided to try a new instrument as her hobby. She finds playing the harp to be a pleasant escape from the high demand of her career and her busy urban lifestyle.Shelley, school teacher, enjoys sharing her passion for the harp by performing for her church, weddings and various settings on both her lever and pedal harps. She has recently become a certified Music Practitioner to provide soothing music for the sick, dying and their families.Christine, high school teacher, begins her first musical experience on the harp and enjoys it enormously. She also sings and dances.Helena, international creative director, balances her demanding career with a beautiful soothing hobby. She performs with the Harp Orchestra in the Annual Concerts regularly.Leah, PhD student of Medieval studies, finds the fascinating history and soulful music of the harp match her passion and interests.Diana, dentist, who played piano throughout childhood, she now finds her "real love" is the harp! She recently progressed her studies from lever harp to pedal harp.Brooke, receptionist, progressed to study the pedal harp and performs for local church and private occasions.Josh, works in IT, finds time for his musical passion.Emma, retired, started learning the harp from scratch when she was a full-time caregiver to her late husband. She finds learning to play the harp uplifting. Within a year, Emma has progressed steadily from lever harp to pedal harp, and now, she is working towards her goal to play her classical favourites: Adagio by Albinoni, and Ave Maria by Schubert.It was love at first sight for Pamela upon seeing a harp performed at a hotel lobby. As her children have grown to build families of their own, she realizes a musical goal for her own enjoyment.After learning piano in her earlier days, Caleigh, a university co-ordinator, approached the harp with much trepidation but soon developed a great love for it.After two years of dedicated study, Caleigh is now a regular busker and has even developed her own fan base!Gail, Chaplin, re-visits her musical interest on the harp after playing the piano in her earlier years. She has recently become a certified Music Practitioner to provide soothing music for the sick, dying and their families.Kayla, an aspiring visual artist who has a great interest in music.Man Lan, stay-at-home mum, "took the plunge" after a life-long dream to play the harp, and enthusiastically working towards her goal to play the pedal harp!Man Lan started the harp before she was pregnant and continued to play after daughter was born (with a short break). Five years later, daughter followed her mother's footstep. They performed together in Annual Concert 2015.Mother and daughter pose after performing together in Annual Concert 2016.Carol and Man Lan enjoyed playing in Harp Orchestra together in Annual Concert 2016.Barb, retired school teacher and a piano teacher, loves her harp hobby and has performed with her daughter Kathleen.Jeannette, consultant, took the plunge to learn the harp as an adult after attending a harp concert. She finds the versatility of the harp bridges her love of traditional and Celtic music as well as classical, blues and jazz. She recently performed with the Harp Orchestra in the Annual Concert and discovered it was a great thrill!Holly, nurse, progressed from lever harp to pedal harp and is fulfilling her personal goals to succeed in RCM Certification, and perform as a busker at TTC Subway Stations!Margaret, retired, finds playing the harp matches and inspires her Celtic soul.Miranda, dentist, studied piano in childhood, discovered her passion for the harp and has been studying diligently with Andrew Chan since 2013 when she quickly progressed from the smaller sized lever harp to the full size concert pedal harp.Miranda assists the Harp Sinfonia and takes part in the Annual Concerts regularly. She also actively performs for weddings, bridal showers, restaurants and other private functions.Miranda in concert, side by side with her teacher.Shelley, Gail, Carol and Man Lan after a successful concert together. (Annual Concert 2014)Carol and Man Lan after Annual Concert 2013Carol, Carol and Man Lan after Annual Concert 2015 where they participated in the Harp Orchestra.Holly and Carol at the Music Healing & Transition Program to become Certified Music PractitionersShelley takes part in Harp Orhcestra in Annual Concert 2016.Shelley, Holly, Gail, Carol (holding camera!) and a new friend  at the Music Healing & Transition Program in Woodstock ONThe harp ladies at a sunday brunch celebrating their love for harp! The three often perform as a trio.The Celtic Knots members at rehearsal: Gail, Carol, Shannon, and Shelley. Four ladies from different walks of life met at the "Harp Crossroad" and decided to pursue their passion and musical adventure together. They perform for various events as a harp ensemble.Celtic Knots in performance.Fell in love with the harp when she first heard it in Tchaikovsky's ballet music, business owner Vivian started her music studies in piano in her early years and has been studying the harp wholeheartedly under Andrew Chan since 2012.Vivian finds her life enriched by studying music, the dedication and experience it involves and the new friends she meets. She assists the Harp Sinfonia and performs in the Annual Concerts regularly.Upon meeting at the studio, a friendship was quickly formed between Vivian and Miranda. They perform as the MV Harp Duo for various charity and public events.Recent performance of the MV Duo, Miranda and Vivian, was broadcast live on WOW TV for a Charity Show. They are enthusiastic to promote harp music to a broader audience.Miranda and Vivian contribute their time playing to local community orchestras; they find the experience challenging yet worthwhile!Diana, educator, studied piano in childhood but has always wanted to play the harp. Now she does after developing a successful career, and her son takes harp lessons too!Diana enjoys having brunch with her 2 new harp-friends Vivian and Miranda.Vivian, Miranda and Man Lan with their teacher after performing together in Annual Concert 2016.Front Row: Diana, Man Lan, Jeannette and Helena perform in Harp Orchestra 2016.