Did You Know?

The Queen of England owns a Salvi Grand Concert Harp and appoints her Royal Harpist, whom performed at William and Kate's Royal Wedding.Known for her beauty and sense of style, born at the Spencers family as Princess Diana did, England's Georgiana of Devonshire was a skilled harpist!The famous Queen of France Marie Antoinette was known of her love for performing the harp.Fascinated by the mechanism of the pedal harp, Marie Antoinette demanded the action part of her harp be covered in glass so that she can look inside!Beatles employed the harp in their song, She is Leaving HomeBjork, Iceland's singer song-writer, uses the harp in her music for its unique sonority. Watch:   AuroraLegendary baronet, Susanna Montgomery, Countess of Eglinton was skilled at the harp. Over the centuries, young ladies of upper class were expected to excel in their music studies as a way to polish their minds. A popular instrument choice was the harp.American Singer songwriter Joanna Newsom sings and plays the harp in her music. Watch: VideoHarpo played the harp in most of the infamous movies by Marx Brothers. Watch excerpts: 1, 2, 3The harp has a history of more than 5000 years, and was often depicted in pyramids and in ancient Egyptian artwork. If mummy returns, there might be one particular instrument he will particularly recognize!Grammy nominated English Indie rock band Florence + the Machine has a harpist in the band. Video: Dog Days are OverNot only this instrument is beautiful to listen to, the hand movement (or paw movement, in this case) of the player is also charming for the audience to look at!The harp is featured in the popular American sitcom, Big Band Theory, played by Amy Farrah Fowler. Watch: ExcerptsGustav Klimt featured a harp-like instrument in his 1895 painting "Die Musik" (The Music).A form of harp has existed in most cultures: African Kora, Chinese Konghou, Irish Celtic Harp, Japanese Koto, Paraguay Harp, Welsh Triple Harp, and more!Princess Elisabeth of France pictured playing the Harp. Historically, the harp was often played by the royals and the upper class for it defines their exquisite taste.Scientist Benjamin Franklin (depicted on US100 dollar bill) enjoyed his harp hobby.Sensational singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey featured the harp in her hit song, Video Games
.Among all instruments, the harp has often been described as the most magical and heavenly. (Even the Smurfs have to have one!)Harpists nowadays often provide music in clinics and hospice for its relaxing and healing power.The harp was often mentioned in Ancient literature. For example, King David from the Bible, plays the harp.Empress Josephine of France, was an accomplished harpist.The Harp has the largest range among all orchestral instruments, and is the few which can play both melody and harmony simultaneously.An example of one of the adventurous attempts on harp design over the centuries.If you look around, you will notice the harp appears in many places! Even Lisa from Simpsons plays it!Australian Cartoonist Donald Greenfield depicted a harpist in one of his work.Statue of  Turlough O'Carolan in Ireland recognizing his contribution to Celtic music. This blind harpist was one of the most well-known musician in 17-18th Century.A harpist-sculpture is featured at the magnificent La Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain.