Lightweight and portable, the new 38-string Una features a sophisticated and captivating Celtic design. Its unique Silkgut® Copper strings containing copper powder from 4th octave B to 5th octave D remove any musical “jump” from wire to non-wire strings, and lend to the Una’s indulgence of rich tones and deep bass.

Includes: Tuning Key, Dust Cover, Full levers and 3-year limited warranty.

Price: CAD5950 (Standard) / CAD7550 (Deluxe) / CAD10200 (Electro-acoustic)

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Range: 38 strings, 1st Oct. C – 6th Oct. A 
 53 3/4″
Width: 30 3/4″
Weight: 25.5 lbs
Soundboard width: 13″
Soundboard: Fiemme valley red spruce
Finishes: Mahogany, green, or natural maple