Egan Elettroacustica

Salvi created the electro-acoustic Egan lever harp to give more power to the sound without compromising the acoustic nature of the instrument. The 38 piezoelectric pick-ups capture the individual vibrations of the strings: the amplification is finely balanced so as to complete the entire range of harmonics. The two monophonic outputs – one for mid-high frequencies, the other for mid-low frequencies – guarantee a perfect stereophonic effect.

Price: $6900 (USD)

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Height: 62″
Width: 34″
Weight: 34 1/2 lbs
Soundboard width: 16 1/2″ Range 38 strings, 1st Oct. C – 6th Oct. A
Soundboard: Fiemme valley red spruce
Finishes: Mahogany, walnut, or natural maple