“Andrew is a talented harpist who also has the gift of being a master teacher at a young age. At the most recent harp recital, I was amazed to see that he has passed on his musicality to his students of all ages as well as techniques for playing the harp at varying levels.

As a retired school music teacher and currently a piano teacher, I am very impressed with the way in which Andrew readily adapts to individual student’s needs and abilities. He is always thinking of varied methods that will help his students to learn. I consider myself fortunate to have found such a caring and passionate harp teacher in Toronto.”

- Barbara, North York


“Andrew clearly enjoys teaching children and communicates well with them. He is a talented, patient, enthusiastic, supportive and understanding teacher. Each week, Andrew sets our daughter achievable goals; he assesses her rigorously, but very sympathetically. She has risen to the challenge. She feels empowered to learn and motivated to improve. She finds his lessons fun, yet demanding. She looks forward each week to her lesson and clearly feels at ease with him. Andrew seeks to instil in his students not merely strong technique and a solid grounding in music theory, but also an appreciation and importance of the aesthetics of music.

Our daughter was reluctant to play; Andrew is very largely responsible for both her enthusiasm and her remarkable progress. He even managed to extract from her that she was homesick for Scotland and convey to her that she is expected to apply herself to her. We have found him extremely accommodating beyond the context of music lessons. When we came to invest on a harp of our own, he offered his knowledgeable advice freely.

We recommend Andrew wholeheartedly.”

- Denis and Deborah, Toronto Downtown


“In addition to his musical talents, Andrew has been blessed with the warmth, patience, humour and understanding of a natural born harp teacher. I eagerly anticipate each lesson! As a University student without previous musical experience, I approached my interest in the harp with trepidation. However, after my very first harp lesson, I knew that with Andrew’s guidance, I’d not only learn from a gifted harpist, I’d also have a lot of fun doing it! Thanks Andrew.”

- Ted, Toronto Eastend


“I met Andrew in September of 2007. I found his very professional website on the internet, andrewchanharpist.com. He struck me as a very highly skilled and professional harpist, and a serious harp teacher.

Since being taught by Andrew, I have learned the harp at a progressive pace. Andrew moves the student forward, is encouraging and flexible, and at the same time holds the student to proper techniques. At the 3 recitals I participated in, and on meeting Andrew’s other students, it is clear that he uses his fine teaching skills for all his students. Students range in age, it seems, from approximately 7 years old through to people who are seniors; I am 51. All the students are serious and show great improvement from one recital to the next.

This is a serious and expert and positive learning experience.

I so enjoy the harp lessons, and am enjoying my progress, and right now look forward to my next assigned material and songs!”

- Sari, Vaughan


“Andrew is a wonderful person and a great harp teacher. When I first met him, I was drawn in by his enthusiasm for music and especially for the harp. Over the past year, Andrew has helped me to learn the harp, using his professional attitude and his loving character to guide me.

As a senior, I was very timid about learning the harp, but Andrew has made learning the harp an easy and beautiful activity and I have progressed beyond anything I hoped to achieve in a year.

Andrew has also collaborated with my husband on the building of a classic 36 string lever harp, and with his knowledge, I now have a beautiful instrument on which to practice. I recommend Andrew as an excellent harp teacher to anyone of any age. I and my family, thank you.”

- Kay, Toronto mid-town


“You have some very talented students, and it was great to listen to them playing (at the annual concert). I loved the little ones, so cute, but also so good. Your students are certainly impressive……they have such talent, but talent is not enough, one needs an excellent teacher to bring out the gifts that are there in the person. Your students are so good because of the time that you spend with them and the great teaching you offer. Congratulations on a great day!”

-Gail, Toronto downtown.


“Words cannot express sometimes the feelings between a master and a student. Each week, you give me a gift beyond measure. The gift of music — the ability to manufacture it from my own hands is magical, and it touches me very deeply. Your patience, persistence, and pushing are so apppreciated. And your on-going insistence that I slow down to move forward is making it possible for me to keep studying.

Learning music is a metaphor for life and I thank you for opening my eyes and ears to this. And I thank also for your profound respect for me, and your art.”

- Pauline, Kingston


“Thanks for all your good harp teaching with our daughter this past year. We are very pleased and proud.”

-Susan, Markham


“I just want to thank you for the joy of harp music you have given me. You might not have noticed how important you are, but you have become a part of my healing journey….Thank you for all the encouragement and courage you have given me…..to learn to play the harp and explore the love of harp music.”

- Holly, Scarborough


“Dear Andrew, Thank you for taking the time to give my daughter her introductory lesson this morning. She was so excited after the class that she talked about it all through lunch and all the way home!”

- Sarah, North York


“I am very pleased you continue to offer lessons and at such a highly professional and personal level. As you know, our son has grown considerably with your guidance.”

-Chris, Kingston


“Thank you for giving me the gift of music.” (when at age 13)

“All in all, I am very pleased with my performance….I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you! You are truly the best teacher I’ve ever had…..” (when at age 15)

-Amelia, Kingston area


“Congratulations on a fine class! You are a devoted teacher!”

-Judy Loman
Renowned harpist
Harp Faculty, Curtis Institute of Music, Glen Gould School.


“Mr. Chan and his Harp Sinfonia impressed the Toronto Harp Society and the audience with their ensemble playing, excellent tone and good choice of musical styles, classical as well as contemporary.

Mr. Chan is a very good teacher who cares for his students and gives them a wonderful chance to train in his out-of-the-ordinary instrumental ensemble.”
- Vera Stern, President, Toronto Harp Society


“Thank you for the wonderful harp experience. Harp lessons have added so much colour to my life! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to perform at the harp recital. Above all, thank you for teaching me how to enjoy playing harp music! Hope you can visit Singapore one day!”
- Pamela, visiting student from Singapore.


“They were the most fruitful and productive lessons I’ve ever had in my life and I enjoyed very much. I’ve learned lots of useful skills during your lessons. You’re not only a very talented harpist but also a very good teacher!”

“After I took your lessons in Toronto, I realized the striking difference of your excellent lessons!”

- Megumi, visiting student from Tokyo Japan.


“As a mature student, I have always felt very fortunate to have Mr. Andrew Chan as my harp teacher. I found him to be a remarkably talented young harpist and a superb performer. He is a skilled, knowledgeable, learned and experienced harp teacher who always carries himself in a professional manner. As a young person, he is mature, accommodating, helpful, supportive, kind and sympathetic to his students and with his peers. I wish him great success.”

- Beryl, Vancouver


“Thank you for your dedication to teaching my children harp lessons. You have endless patience and a terrific sense of humour.”

- Annelise, Vancouver